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Let's close this chapter and move on..

>From: Keithjmoon70
>Subject: Re: Virusi and other things that make one sick
>For that matter, Kevin is
>just not a credit seeking kind of guy.

Well, actually Mark..I..

>This is not a lie. I forwarded the email to you to prove it and you can put
>it into the chronology.

Oh hell, never mind.  Jon's now sending my E-mails around instead of giving
me the chance to explain.
So that I fully understand,.... it's not ok to approach others with a
serious problem, in hopes of resolving it, but it *is* ok to send out
private E-mails?
Distorted priorities to be sure.

To be perfectly clear....
Jon's initial emphasis on "jokingly asked for credit" was very appropriate.
I wrote that after all the research and inquiry had exposed the truth.
After Jo received this information that I gathered and both Jon and Jo began
to seriously doubt Ollie Cat.  And, as a result, confronted Ollie Cat and
got her to eventually admit her lies and manipulation.  It was part of a
kind of celebratory feeling Jon and I were sharing at the time.
But, it was also a part of my continued frustration with Jon for not
admitting to Jo that he contacted me.  I didn't want to be part of an
off-list lie.
The only "credit" (bad choice of words) I sought was from Jo.  I wanted Jo
to know that despite the crap she was spewing at me, I still cared enough to
bother helping her.  But, Jon wouldn't go there.

>>> Here is the apology for my part in this: I'm sorry
>> >for contacting Kevin.
>>And that is just a bit snide
>I said what I meant.

Yeah, I too took it that way (snide).
But, I think Jon is sorry for betraying Jo's trust.
To be honest, I  too wish Jon hadn't told me.

>I wrote this after I was publicly called a liar

I could only react to what Jo had written.
And, it seemed clear from what our always innocent Jo had written, that she
wasn't informed of the entire situation.

But, now, I hear from you Jon that you *had* informed her of everything.
So, I'm sorry for calling you a liar if indeed you fessed up to her.  It's
still all quite confusing, but I'm willing to give you, Jon, the benefit of
the doubt.  I know your character, and you deserve this.

BUT, I'll tell ya, this all comes flashing right back at the original

So am I to understand that after knowing everything, *I'M* still the ass?
After knowing everything I did, Jo still posts crap about me and calls me
arrogant, or what ever dumb ass words she used??
Well Fuck you very much, Jo.
I'm done with her.
I'm done with her use of this list as her personal therapy group.
I'm done with her use of me as her personal punching bag.
I'm done with her bipolar swings that get played out here on list every few
months, and the resulting train wreck that ensues.
I'm done with her attitude that she is the only one here who knows pain, and
has had troubles, or has troubles.
Many of us do, but we keep it OFF LIST FOR FUCKS SAKE!
I've lost count at how many times I've kissed your fucking ass to continue a
relationship that consists of you having melt-downs and then biting my hand.
Fuck off.

I went back and re-read my post "Let me lead".
I couldn't (AND STILL CAN'T) find one thing that justified her response.
And, more importantly, I'm more convinced than ever that she owes me an
apology and the entire list an apology for her "fuck everyone" rant, and her
"fuck Pete" rant, and her "Kevin is an asshole" crap after I simply tried to
engage her and get her to see what she wrote is wrong.
I even tried to give her motivation based on hard lessons learned in my own
life.  And what did I get.?
A swift kick in the ass.  Never again.  The gloves are off.

Let me be clear to you here..Jo...

I WILL NEVER just give you a free ride to post any sort of shit you want,
and not call you on it.
If you post something, you damn well be prepared to stand behind it.
This isn't your personal "spew my Jo BS list."
We all play by the same rules.  Post what you want, but be prepared to be
called on it.
You slammed Pete pretty hard.
It was based on information that was a bunch of shit.
I called you on it.
And now I'm the asshole.

I think it's clear, after all of this, what asshole has been exposed.

>After it all, I was so happy to see Kevin send a positive post last night.
>thought "That's great. He just wants the same thing I want, to get along.
>that's mighty big of him. Good enough" and I slept well.

Jon, we'll be fine.
We usually are.
Because you have the character to do what's right.  To put superficial
allegiances aside, and treat each person fairly.
I've always respected you for that.

Don't be too hard on Mark.
He's just getting increasingly pissed at seeing me take the shit here.
I think his frustration with me at the moment is because I even bother to
try and deal with Jo.

And, he's right.
Why....the fuck....bother.

Let's move on, once and for all.

Kevin in VT