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A Friend Is A Friend

When eyes meet in silence a pact can be made

A life-long alliance that won't be betrayed,
        won't be betrayed

Be friendly, befriend me now.

Be friendly

A friend is a friend, nothing can change that

Arguments, squabbles can't break the contract that

each of you makes to the death, to the end

Deliver your future into the hands of your friend

Be friendly, befriend me now

A promise is a promise, a handshake will seal it

No amount of discussion can ever repeal it

Commitment forever to borrow or lend

To deliver your future into the hands of your friend

You need a mate when facing the end, but

what is the fate now facing my friend?

Facing my friend, yeah, what faces my
   friend, yeah

Thanks litgo@xxxxxxx!
Thanks thewho.net!
Thanks Pete Townshend!

"You are safe from harm on the grid. You are safe from harm"

Joe in Philly