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"Roses" on AOL music

Hey fellow OutKast BoouuuYEEEES!  

They be leavin' STANKONIA in 2004 Rizzzle dizzle Fo-*SHIZZZLE*  Ma Nizzles.

Man, I got-ta *tell* Ya'll that I wuz str8 trippin' when I peeped that new 
video.  It was *just* like when I was back in school and had that crush on Lady 
Love.  (She didn't know I had it in me though.  -'til she got hit full force 
that is. heh heh.)

AOL Music: Outkast: 'Roses'I just want to peep into the room and let ma doggs 
know that the only group I see making hits these days that hit what is tr-eal 
is Dre and Big Boi., my Brizzle.  They got my money and my love.


J Knizzle up-in the Dizzle.