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	>From: "Schrade, Scott" 
	>Subject: Re: More comments on new tunes 
>>> What the fuck *is* an anthem?!"

To me, a song that presents a battle cry.  A rallying song that represents a mass group or other noun.

>> Of course, WGFA is one.  Baba O'Riley (happy St. Patrick's day) 
>> is another. Hmmm. Slipkid?
>"Slipkid?"  No, that's not an anthem.

>I wouldn't even consider
>"Love, Reign O'er Me" an anthem.

Me either.

>Is "Pinball Wizard" an anthem?

No.  Popularity does not equate "anthem".

>I guess "Baba" is one.

Absolutely, for the masses anyway. 
"Teenage wasteland!"

>WGFA, yes.  

Yep.  Talking for an entire government controlled society.

>"My Generation," yes.  That's
>three.  Oh wait, "Who Are You" is one.  Right?  That's four.

No.  I don't consider WAY an anthem.  It's just a good pissed off song.

>Four anthems.

Yes, but you have to replace WAY with Long Live Rock.
And, if you think about it, AAA could easily be considered an anthem, given that it preaches of that generations attitudes and rebellious freedom.  

>One in 1965.  Two in 1971.  And one more in 1978.

Adjusted to:  One (or two?) in 1965.  Two in 1971.  And, one in 1972.

>So, what have we learned?  We've learned that, while highly bene-
>ficial, an anthem is not needed in order for a Who album to be
>considered successful or meaningful.

And, we've learned that Pete and The Who don't usually do "anthems", and haven't done one since 1972, some 32 year ago.

Regarding Radio Air Play:
I'll be my bottom dollar that RGLB will get airplay on www.pointfm.com .
And, I'll bet it will get airplay on classic rock stations.
Any station that has even mentioned a new album, or new Who music will play RGLB.
I'm not so sure about ORW since in my opinion it is a much slower song (ending Jam excluded).
And, when the final album is released, I'll bet that other songs will get air time, then.

Kevin in VT

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