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Well, Do YA? !

I'm sure many have been following the fall out of the Janet Jackson boobie-bounce.
Well, the FCC it seems is going nuts, and about to levy fines against radio jocks for things they have been doing for years and years.
Yes, Howard Stern is the prime target.
I'm only a very casual fan, but it pisses me off that suddenly our government feels the need to "protect us" from what we *want* to listen to.
This is a clear example of government stepping in and telling us how to live.
It's politically motivated, to be sure.

Do you respect your rights?
Do you believe in free speech?
Do you not want to see a further eroding of our constitutionally protected rights?

Do Ya??!!

Click on

Sign the petition.

It'll make you feel good, and they'll send you chocolate!
(ok, the chocolate part is a lie).

That's all.
Back to The Who and Jo.  ;-)
(just trying to lighten the gloom, Jo !!!  Come on!  Give us a smile!)

Kevin in VT

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