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Re: Official Announcement for New Singles Box Set

> > The news that this box set includes two brand new songs has set The 
> > Who Internet message boards alight over the past few days,
> He must be talking about someplace else.  We've hardly been "alight."

I've been monitoring other lists.  It's only received limited discussion.
I think the above statement is a case of "advertising hyperbole."

> So it's tour *then* album?

Well, technically "the tour" hasn't been announced.  The future may hold
this:  Shows in Britain (Spring/Summer 2004), work on the album (Fall/
Winter 2004), release album (early 2005), then tour (Spring/Summer 2005).

However, I still have a gut feeling (not very scientific, I know) that
they will tour the U.S. this Summer (2004).

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism