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Re: ??

> > I don't understand why no one responded to my question about Pete on Howard 
> > Stern.
> Relax!  And settle down!  ;-)
> I don't think Pete ever did Howard's show.  If he did, it was early in Howard's 
> career.
> That's my guess.  But I'd bet that he (Howard) never interviewed Pete.
> > And why did I go on and on about what a nice guy Jon is and he didn't even 
> > acknowledge me.
> Well, didn't Jon just visit you in CA?  I thought maybe he was on some sort of
> vacation.  Besides, Jon takes a hiatus every now & then.  Every then & now.  ;-)
> > Did I fall out of grace?  Am I in the twilight zone?  Scott? Kevin?  Anyone?  
> > Hello???
> Paranoia!  You haven't fallen out of grace.  But you've been acting weird.  Is 
> all
> this potential Who activity starting to stress you out?  Roger turning 60?  Did
> that get you worrying?
> Repeat after me:
> I will chase nightmares & cold stormy seas
> I will take over your grief & disease
> I'll stay beside you & comfort your soul
> When you are lonely & broken & old
> There.  Deep breath.  Everything's cool.....
> - SCHRADE in Akron
> The Council For Secular Humanism
> http://www.secularhumanism.org/

Hey there,as far as I know John and Roger were on there once together and Roger has been on his show
a couple times.I even got a recording of one of them.I like how roger takes things in stride,just a regular guy
who happens to scream like a banshie lol.
                                             Bill Sturm