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Re: ??

> I don't understand why no one responded to my question about Pete on Howard 
> Stern.

Relax!  And settle down!  ;-)

I don't think Pete ever did Howard's show.  If he did, it was early in Howard's career.
That's my guess.  But I'd bet that he (Howard) never interviewed Pete.

> And why did I go on and on about what a nice guy Jon is and he didn't even 
> acknowledge me.

Well, didn't Jon just visit you in CA?  I thought maybe he was on some sort of
vacation.  Besides, Jon takes a hiatus every now & then.  Every then & now.  ;-)

> Did I fall out of grace?  Am I in the twilight zone?  Scott? Kevin?  Anyone?  
> Hello???

Paranoia!  You haven't fallen out of grace.  But you've been acting weird.  Is all
this potential Who activity starting to stress you out?  Roger turning 60?  Did
that get you worrying?

Repeat after me:

I will chase nightmares & cold stormy seas
I will take over your grief & disease
I'll stay beside you & comfort your soul
When you are lonely & broken & old

There.  Deep breath.  Everything's cool.....

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism