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Re: Irish Jack - 1989

In a message dated 1/31/2004 8:45:31 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
lewinski@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

<I enjoy Jack's writing style just as much as I enjoy Scott Schrade!

I am not going to disagree with that.  Scott does an excellent job.

But, was he at the Goldhawk Society Club in 1966?  That's ok, neither was I, 
but can you imagine?  Or the Marquee??  I would love to go back and put myself 
there.  I think I would probably made a good mod.

When I read about it, it talks about Pete being so influenced (obviously, 
Quadrophenia, duh!) by the mods, but I wonder to what extent was Roger, Keith and 

Pete tried to be part of that group, and he was.  But, Roger, John and Keith 
are all so different from Pete.  Of course, they all dressed to the letter.  
But, did they know what it felt like to be a *mod*?  Did it run through their 
blood so to speak?  

The mod culture played such a big part of the beginnings of the Who and that 
is why it is so intriging to read Irish Jack's stories.  What an interesting 
man, A legend in his own time one might even say.

Jo :)