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Re: New Book On Entwistle Due In May

> I don't think it's a lowly attempt to make a profit off Entwistle's
> name & give the shaft to his family.  The process which led to this
> book could've started a while ago when Entwistle was still alive.

This book has been in the works for years.  I first heard about it in the
mid-90s from interviews with Rick Neilsen of Cheap Trick (there was a
similiar book done about his collection).  I've been involved with book
projects, including some on The Who, and I can tell you it can be and is a
long drawn out process.  From the first idea of a book to publication can as
much as ten years or even more.  Especially, if it involves a very narrow
subject as a book on The Who or even more so one on John's collection.

As for money going to his estate probably little if any.  I'm guessing but I
would say photos taken and obviously any notes from John were done long
before he died.  Also, there may not be much money to be made at all.  I
would be shocked if a book like this would sell a thousand copies.  More
likely just a few hundred will sell, just enough to cover the costs or maybe
not.  Books like this are mainly done for the shear love of the subject
matter and the desire to get it out to people who share that love.  Every
author I know has a day job. :)