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New Book On Entwistle Due In May

Here's some good news via a post from O&S:  In May 2004,
a book called BASS CULTURE: The Collection of John Ent-
wistle will be released.

It's available in two forms:  limited edition leather hardcover for 
$150.00, & paperback form for $39.95.

Barnes & Nobles already has it on their website for pre-order-
ing at discounted prices.  I haven't checked Amazon yet.

The B&N link is:


This looks to be an exciting new book on Entwistle's vast guitar
collection.  Just the basses, I guess.  There's a foreword by
Daltrey, & Rick Neilson of Cheap Trick fame seems to be one
of the people who helped put the book together.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism