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Re: Pete makes Guitar World "Metal" list

In a message dated 1/26/04 9:55:06 AM Central Standard Time, SCHRADE writes:

> > nah, I think randy rhoads should've been no. 1.   who hasn't heard that 
> riff 
> > from ozzy's "crazy train" and not think it was one of helluva riff ay?! 
> Makes sense to me that Iommi is No. 1.  Randy Rhoads's riff in "Crazy Train"
> is one riff in one song.  Iommi had loads of 'em.  
> Let's face it, Black Sabbath were the ones that truly invented Metal.  Led 
> Zep-
> pelin is still "classic rock," & The Who?  Pah!  They barely scraped the 
> (met-
> allic?) surface of Metal.
> Iommi's a great choice for No. 1.  An old-school originator.  And the most
> metal-influential on the list.
> - - SCHRADE in Akron

Ahhh...I'ts nice to hear Iommi get praise here.  Makes me feel all warm and 
fuzzy inside.  The Who is my favorite, but Sabbath comes in at about number 4 
or 5 for me.  I'm on the Sabbath list also and inevetably bring up The Who over 
there from time to time (where they seem to be well-respected...)   I can't 
think of a lot of Who-Sabbath links, but just to stay on topic, I'll give it a 

- Daltrey and Iommi performed "I Want It All" together at the Freddie Mercury 
Memorial concert.
- Cozy Powell appeared on "Under A Raging Moon."
- Zakk Starkey played drums on Tony Martin's 1992 solo album, "Back Where I