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> I got my ticket yesterday thru the ticket vendor....  It's always been 
> a dream of mine to see The Who in London, so here I go. 

Congratulations, Inga!

> However, I'll be a little over 6 months pregnant at the time, 

Holy shite!

> so if I do get there, I may need some assistance in trading up to a 
> seat 

No problem.  You can have Bjorn's seat.  ;-)

> As I told my husband,....all of our children have to "see" The Who in 
> utero.  My son did in 2002 at MSG.

Ha!  That's funny.  It'll be an interesting experiment to see if the
concert experiences stuck, & your children grow up to be Who fans.  Of
course, there's no harm in guiding them in that direction after they're
born, too!  Look at Crazy Cousin Kevin in VT!  His two year-old has as
many Who tee-shirts as *he* does!  ;-o

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism