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Re: Roger calling it quits?

>From: Jdtr006
>Subject: Re: Roger calling it quits?
>You guys are enough to scare the life out of someone! I come back with all
>these emails and all I see is "Roger calls it quits" I almost broke down
>I started reading further ....Whew!!  Sandy

Yep.  This may turn out to be the grandest example yet of the rumor mill
gone mad.
But, when you start to see the same thing from multiple angles, you have to
at least look at it.

Anyone able to get the full article from The London Evening Standard?
There is an article listed there (on web) with Roger, dated 1/20/04, but you
have to subscribe with credit card # to get temporary free access.
Then, you have to remember to cancel your subscription before they bill you.
I followed all the way till they asked me for my cc# and then said fug-it.

Waiting for Roger or Pete to clarify.

Kevin in VT