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Re: Roger calling it quits?

It seems that with all of the build up (that has taken since 1996 to get to
this point) and with all of the obstacles they've overcome, it's foolish to
make such a statement, seeing how they will be accused of the "farewell tour"
stuff all over. Why take away your options? Roger and Pete look great. Roger
has also said many times that they will go on forever, so to hear that HE said
it is really odd.

It may be just taken out of context, or maybe the reporters mistook what he said. It's possibly a strategy to get people out to the tour (didn't Kiss have a big farewell tour just recently?), but Roger is usually more straightforward than that. Hmmm.

It could be that Roger wants to get on with the Keith Moon movie - Kathy M. observed a while back how every time Roger gets his movie career up and running, Pete wants to tour.

Could they be considering a change in name for the band? Whatever, I like the idea that they should keep their options open. We've already discussed how much clout they have as The Who and how much less as solo artists.


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