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Re: Roger calling it quits?

	>From: Keithjmoon70
	>Subject: Re: Roger calling it quits? 
>>sschrade@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>>It's most
>>likely just a "false rumor."
>Among many.  I don't believe that one at all.  
>It's like that.

I thought it was like this?

Just noticed the following post on O&S.
It's from a different person than the one who suspiciously posted on Pete's board.
Here 'tis.

"From: "Warren McGiveron" <warren_evertonfc@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Roger on Teletext
Foe those of you in Britain, there is a short piece on Roger on Channel 4 
Teletext page 351.  He basically says that he hopes the new album is a 
fitting way to end the last year of the band, and that he still feels the 
presence of John and Keith on stage."

The plot thickens?

To be clear, I still dismiss it as a rumor, or a misquote.
Why kill The Who if the album and tour create momentum and lucrative returns?

It just seems way out of character for Roger.
Kevin in VT

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