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Re: Pete & "Recovered Memories"

Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 13:04:34 -0500
From: "Scott Schrade" <schrade@xxxxxxxxxxx>

It wasn't his grandmother, it was a male Pate said may have molested
him, while Pete was in his grandmother's care.

Yes, sorry. I saw my error after having sent the post.

No problem...it's just that the way rumors, legend and history get muddled, it's hard enough to keep what DID happen straight. :-)

However, that
doesn't change my views on "recovered memories."  Pete "thinks" he
may have been molested.  There is no evidence.

Right. OTOH, while I don't know anything more than Pete's public statements about it, I believe it did happen, or to put it another way, that's how I'd place my bet.

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