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Re: Tommy Deluxe Edition

> Unless I missed the commentary, I"m surprised by the lack of outrage on 
> this list about the failure to include the lyrics in the new Tommy Deluxe
> Edition.
> I think they really blew it.

Well, the '96 reissue of TOMMY, which is still in print, has all the lyrics, etc.
The DELUXE was a special SACD only release.  Maybe the thought was,
since the lyrics were already printed in the '96 reissue, why not save space
in the booklet of the SACD release & not include the lyrics.

The SACD booklet has tons of rare pictures of the band during the TOMMY
recording sessions.  I'd rather have those than the lyrics.....yet again.  Besides, 
most people will probably buy the cheaper '96 reissue - which has the "libretto."
That's why I wasn't outraged by the SACD lyric-less booklet.

- SCHRADE in Akron

Mars is now our sand box and we are ready to play & learn. 
    - Charles Elachi, NASA