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Re: Saturday Night's All Right


> I know it was for the EJ/BT tribute album, and I know the Who's
> connection to EJ, but for a band who doesn't get into the studio 
> very often (and we all know THAT'S the understatement of the year), 
> it's surprising that they would come out of "retirement" to record 
> a cover song.  Does anyone know the background of this recording?  

I found the following at:


When the surviving members of the Who reunited to record a song for 
the Elton John/Bernie Taupin tribute project Two Rooms in 1991, they 
couldn't decide which song to do. Elton's management wanted them to 
record "Saturday Night," a song supposedly inspired by the Who, while 
Pete wanted to do "Take Me To The Pilot." A compromise was struck when 
part of "Take Me To The Pilot" was inserted as a middle eight into the 
former song.

> And who played drums?

Jon Astley.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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