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PinoWeKnow (?)

>From: "Schrade, Scott" <sschrade@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Pino knew....
>I don't know.  Why do I get the feeling that he was used simply to record
>RGLB & that's all?

Probably the way Pete wrote that they used Gregg because Pino was out with S&G.

>  Am I psychic?  ;-)

Are you putting your talents to work to find missing children??
What's up with Relayers giving you such a hard time about that?
I don't get it.  Seemed out of line.

>> He already knows the new music.
>One song!  That's it!

Right.  The new music.

>> So, he has a leg up.  
>Hey now!

Dog peeing?

>Right.  Like if Pino can't do it.

Man, I hope it's not Pino.
He was.........ummm.......plain?

>But, one would have to assume that the band will vary the set list this 
>time around,

What in their recent, or even not so recent, past would lead you to make such a statement?

>From: "John Hughes" <pureneasy@xxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Replacement bass player
>There was allegedly a statement from the Who camp which got repeated on one
>of the lists that Pino had been tee'd up and was waiting in New York to
>"step in" in case John had health problems.
>I remember reading this and thinking why isn't anyone commenting on this?

I had the same thought, but figured everyone was just too much in shock to really try and digest that part.
Plus, it sounded (and still does) suspect.

>From: SicilianMother@xxxxxxx
>Subject: Another letter, this to IWF
>Sorry for the heaviness of these letters.

What, about 2 lbs (kilo for you UKer's) each?
Ha!  Oh!  I kill me!
>From: "Schrade, Scott" <sschrade@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: Re: Replacement bass player
>True, true....  But I think three days of practice is still plenty of 
>time for a pro like Pino to learn a two-hour set.

I seem to remember Pete stating how Pino has the uncanny ability to listen to a piece of music once, and then reproduce it perfectly.

Kevin in VT

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