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Update on Pete Townshend

My name is Johanna Johnson and I am a survivor.   I was molested by an uncle 
that later served time in jail for molesting.  

But, the reason I am writing is because, I am also a lifelong fan of The Who 
and Pete Townshend and we (the Who fan group I am with) are absolutely 
thrilled and relieved that you have released statements regarding your standing on 
Pete's innocence in regard to his recent troubles on the internet.

I was given the assignment of following up with the Phoenix Survivors to see 
what the latest news is with you regarding Mr. Townshend and also the petition 
to have him removed from the UK Sex Registry.  Also, if there is anyway I can 
be of assistance regarding this, please let me know.

I appreciate the time you have taken to proclaim and spread the word about 
the innocence of Mr. Townshend.  I especially appreciate the work you do to help 
victims, like myself, of pedophiles.

Johanna Johnson
Temecula, CA