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Re: inconvenience visas to the U.S.

>And worse still, from October 26th any British visitor to
>the US will HAVE to travel to London or Belfast to obtain a >visa to enter
>the United States

> For the majority of US residents, the equivalent would be that all US
> visitors to Britain would have to travel to either Washington or Seattle to
> obtain a visa to travel to Britain.
> I think it's an appallingly thought out move which will 
> cause harm to the
> relationship between the people of America and Britain.
> John

Your analogy is quite flawed in logic.  Travelling to London from elsewhere in Britain can't be compared in any way to having to travel to DC or Seattle from up to 2000 miles away, or further if in Hawaii.  I think a trip from the southern-most tip of England to the northern-most tip in only 5-600 miles, or so.  I think London is within a 5 or 6 hour drive from anywhere in Britain, and Belfast is the center of tiny little N. Ireland, so little inconvenience to N. Irelanders.