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Re: Summer tour in 2004- Count on it

	>From: "Schrade, Scott" 
	>Subject: Re: Summer tour in 2004- Count on it 
>All indicators seem to be pointing in that general direction, yes.

When, though.  When???
I'm a bit (only a bit) dubious of Jo's report, only because of when IOW is scheduled.  But, then again, I'm sure they could manage a quick flight back to the UK for that.  They wouldn't need their set, since it will be at a festival.
Probably could fit IOW into one of their recently patented "breaks" between tour legs.

>we can begin asking the perfunctory questions like:  

Well, I just got off the phone with Pete.
Here's his take:

>What will the set-
>list be like?

Identical for each show (just about).

>Will they rehearse & play some Who rarities?


>Will they complete the "new album" before the tour?

>Will they perform a few "new songs?"


>Will Simon tag along again?


>Who will play bass?

Stu in MD.

>Will Pete experience any negative reactions during the tour, based on his
>recent troubles?

Some light spirited heckling from some drunk bone-heads.

>Will there be uninformed protesters outside each venue 
>that we Who-freaks will have to get into arguments with?

God, I hope so. (that's *my* take)  :-)

Kevin in VT
Dean or Clark in '04  !!!

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