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Pete's Picture as The Ferryman

	>From: Joe Lewinski 
	>Subject: Pete's Picture as The Ferryman 
>I hope I look that good when I'm his age.


>I wonder if he has an acoustic guitar on board with him.

He must.
I have taken my Dijeri-do on my boat, and sent out some pretty freaky sounds when dark.
I had a guy come over one evening in his dingy just to see what sort of animal was making those sounds!

>Imagine him lighting up the bay at night to a stirring rendition of Drowned.

<sigh...big smile>

>Is his rig a mono-hull or a cat?

Cockpit looks definitely like a mono-hull.  Pete sails mono-hulls and even races J-24's.  Most people don't jump from mono to bi or tri.  I'd imagine we would have heard about cat or tri adventures.

>I see the support of what appears to be a bimony or canopy to keep
>the sun rays in check.

Yep.  Wish I had one.

>In his diary entry he says he was outside of France in September, 2003.

I was wondering if he sailed there.
If so, he's a mighty confident sailor.
That straight can be very, very nasty.

>Does this mean that he was able to travel outside of the UK at the time?
>I guess you can go anywhere you want if you're under your own power...

Not so.  He would have had to go through customs just as if he took a ferry, or plane, or train.
We have boaters coming to VT from Canada all the time.  You have to check in at particular places.

>I have a shirt just like that!

Check your closet!
Pete's been known to steal fans' clothing!

>Joseph obviously digs his father and who he is.   Lucky boy!

I've been thinking that ever since that photo of Pete building Joseph a skateboard ramp.

>Pete wants to convey that all is cool in his world, but he chose a picture
>from 4 months ago to do it.   No significance there I suppose...

I took it as 'look how good I am then, and I'm only getting better.....'  Clearly has gotten past thoughts of shooting himself.

>That's all for now.

Awe, Come on!

Kevin in VT

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