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Being Mick

I got to watch the Mick Jagger documentary, which came out a few years 
back, called BEING MICK.  Not really being a Stones fan (I get jealous 
of their popularity as compared to The Who) I wasn't expecting to be 
too entertained.  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  And entertained.

First of all, there's some good Townshend footage.  Mick is shown working
with people who helped him on that (poor selling) solo album of his from
a few years back.

Pete is shown in a London studio laying down guitar tracks for Mick's
song called "Gun."  He's also shown hanging out in the studio with Mick
& Jerry Hall.  

Later in the documentary, Mick's nine year-old daughter is goofing around
for the camera & she starts doing windmills with her arm saying, "Look,
daddy, I'm that one guy who plays guitar," to which Mick responds, "Pete
Townshend," & the little girl's like, "Yeah, I'm Pete Townshend!"  Funny

So, those Pete "inclusions" were worth it right there for me.  Who fans 
may want to check it out just for those, but I'm sure you'll find the 
rest of the documentary interesting, too.

It's fascinating to get a glimpse into this guy's everyday life.  You talk
about busy?!  Mick is shown recording his album at various places around
the world with other luminaries such as Bono & Lenny Kravitz.

He's shown working on the film he was producing at the time (Enigma with
Kate Winslett).  He's shown going to a swank outdoor party thrown by
Elton John where he & Elton get into a critical discussion of the recent
Madonna concert they both attended. (!)

He goes to a Stones band meeting, a school function for one of his young
children, a studio to help oversee the remastering of Stones albums, the
premier for that film he produced, the launch party for his solo album,
a throat doctor, an excersize workout, & various family vacations around
the world, etc., etc.  What a life.

The guy's obviously a workaholic.  But he's funny & charming throughout.
A sort of grounded nouveau rich.  

Anyway, it was a very entertaining documentary, with good Pete footage.
Highly recommended.

I watched it with two friends of mine who are huge Stones freaks so after-
wards I treated them to some highlights from TKAA.  Dammit if those Stones-
loving bastards weren't gonna get a dose of the 'Orrible 'Oo before the
night was over.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism