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Re: New short New Year diary

	>From: "Schrade, Scott" 
	>Subject: Re: New short New Year diary 
>> Pete is doing very well and sent us a picture of himself to show us.  
>> Great shot.
>Yes, indeed.  A great shot.

He's one handsome and righteous dude!
And, a photo on his sailboat moored in a nice looking bay.  Hell, that's what *my* summers look like!
I *am* Pete!  (?)
<sound of IGTC'ers backing up slowly...>
Wait, come back.  Where's everyone going???

>I made it my wallpaper.

Jesus!  Your entire apartment?  Don't you think that's a bit over the top?  

>Plus, he's been
>cleared to "work" in the USA!  That's outstanding news!  

A *BIG* surprise.
Happy Holidays to all of us!

><sniff, sniff>  Smell that?

I'd rather not!

>That smells like a summer tour!  Mmmmmm.....

What, beer and vomit?

>The Council For Secular Humanism

Oh Lord.
I mean.... Awe Hell.
I give up.

Kevin in VT

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