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Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums

Did anyone else catch this recent issue?  I was
annoyed but not surprised that the most overrated
album of all time, 'Sgt. Pepper,' was #1, but even
more surprised that The Who had a fair number of
albums rather high up, unlike most countdowns of the
greatest albums!  I don't remember the exact
positions, but their albums represented were 'Tommy,'
MG (though they had to call it 'The Who Sings "My
Generation"'), SO, 'Quad,' WN, and LAL.  I don't
recall if WBN was also represented.  It was great to
see real albums on a list that was also littered with
modern-day crapola and greatest hits collections (no
matter how good the material is, a compilation isn't a
real album!).  I was also shocked to see 'Parsley,
Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme,' one of my favourite
albums, rather high upI've never seen it listed on
any list of greatest albums!

Anna U. Mormack
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