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Roger Rules!

Well, I finally got to see some episodes of Extreme History.  Mom Schrade
has been taping them & gave me the cassette on New Year's Day.

What a bang-up job Roger does!  He's really quite the host!  He sort of
plays up to his tough guy persona during the narration/explanation parts.
He's "acting" just a bit.  But it's cool.

He's very friendly with the show's experts & they all seem to get a big
kick out of him.  It's at these times when he's really being himself.  

Plus, he's funny!  I can understand people not taking to his sometimes crude
jokes but I think they're hilarious.  Besides, Roger has always had a crude
streak.  "Fuck a duck!"

I almost wish the shows were an hour long instead of only a half hour.
The show seems to be a bit rushed at times.

I hope the History Channel uses Daltrey for more episodes.  It made me re-
alize again that Daltrey isn't as dumb as he's made out to be.  He obvious-
ly understands & is interested in each show's theme.  And his diction is 
very clear.

I only watched about 4 episodes last night & I can't wait to watch the 

Bravo, Roger!  The Heart of The Who!  And dare I say its new leader?


- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism