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New Message From Pete


27 February 2004 
NY 27 Feb 2004 

In New York City for the first time since the last Who shows in the USA 
in the Fall of 2002.

It is a joy to be back. To feel the old pre 9/11 energy of this little island 
returning. The sun is shining.

I am here for two reasons

Firstly, Eel Pie Publishing artist Rachel Fuller has a showcase for Universal 

Secondly, I want to play two new Who tracks to Doug Morris the CEO 
of Universal. The Who are now handled by Geffen which is based in L.A 
and - though owned by Universal - has different staff. But Doug signed 
me to my first real solo deal at Atlantic in 1978 - which led to the making 
and release of EMPTY GLASS, and several more until PSYCHODERELICT 
my last solo album delivery in 1993. He also signed Rachel in 2002. I want 
him to be the first person in Universal to hear the new Who music.

These new tracks strongly feature 'Who2', the wonderful band that 
supported Roger and me after John Entwistle's sudden death in 2002. 
They are Zak Starkey on drums, Rabbit Bundrick on keyboards, Pino 
Palladino on bass, Simon Townshend on additional guitar and vocals. 
Simon has also produced the two new tracks (REAL GOOD LOOKING 
BOY and OLD RED WINE), taking over from me and Bob Pridden 
when I realized I myself needed to be produced when in the studio. It's 
worked out very well.

REAL GOOD LOOKING BOY is a song I wrote quite a few years ago 
about two young men who worry about their looks. One of them, based 
on me - hopes and believes he might look like his best friend who is a 
conventionally handsome fellow. (He is disavowed of this notion by his 
mother). The second, based on Roger - hopes and believes he will one 
day turn out to be like the young Elvis. (He, more happily, sees part of his 
dream come true). They both find love in later life.

OLD RED WINE I wrote right here in the hotel I now sit in (in NY) about 
the late John Entwistle. He loved expensive claret, and often drank it past 
its prime. There is an irony there somehow: John never seemed to realize 
how perfectly MATURE he had really become as rock musician. He didn't 
need the trappings he thought essential, and that - in my opinion - led directly 
to his premature death.

Rachel did her first showcase here in NY for Doug and all those from 
Universal who will be working on her forthcoming CD (Cigarettes and 
Housework). It went very well indeed. She had a real spark in what was 
only her second live show, and the music sounded great. Nearly 50 friends 
and business people came - and S.I.R studios on 25th Street was the 
perfect venue for the event.

This is a good weekend for me. I get to see a lot of my old friends from 
NYC for the first time for a while. And while I'm here I'll try to buy Roger 
something great but not very useful for his 60th birthday on Monday. 

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism