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More news

I think some of the UK listers have asked about TKAA being released there.
Here's your answer.  Also news of a Roger 2CD collection.  That should be a
good one.

Jim M


KAA DVD UK release and Roger Anthology

Sanctuary have announced details of the UK release of the Kid's Are Alright
DVD and a new compilation of Roger Daltrey solo material.

Sanctuary Visual Entertainment has announced the forthcoming release of the
quintessential 'Who' film, The Kids Are Alright,slated for a 26th April 2004
U.K. release.

Meanwhile Sanctuary have also announced details of their upcoming Roger
Daltrey compilation to be released in the UK on May 31 2004, 'ONE MAN BAND'a
2-CD set. Their press release states: 'For over 30 years, Roger Daltrey has
pursued a solo career alongside his primary role as lead singer for The Who.
To commemorate these three decades, Sanctuary Records will release One Man
Band nationwide on 31st May 2004. This double chronological anthology album
highlights the varied musical paths Roger has chosen, compiling all his hits
and near misses. From ballads Giving It All Away to Brecht's Mack the Knife
and with the added bonus of unreleased tracks, One Man Band amply
illustrates Daltrey's willingness in adapting to unexpected styles away from
his more popular "day job".'