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Re: NOW AND THEN passing through Rabbits.

> >I mentioned a new album might be in the coming and a friend of mine
> >said "What another Greatest Hits collection?"  "They have more greatest
> >albums than albums of original material".
> It's true!
> Why?

While most bands in the 60s were pumping out 2-3 albums a year (admittedly
with many covers and weak songs), The Who could barely get out one a year.
Most bands made their name by records, namely singles.  The Who made their
name on the road, live.
The Who were on tour while others were in the studio.
The Beatles stopped touring in '66, The Stones didn't tour much after '66
until late in '69, The Kinks were banned in the US until '69.  Duriung the
same period The Who were rarely off the road.

> I can't think of any for Zep.
Not until the 90s with the two box sets.

> Beatles?  Only "One".
Red and Blue albums

> Stones?  "Hot Rocks", and now "40 Licks".
Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass)
Through The Past Darkly (Big Hits Vol 2)
Hot Rocks
More Hot Rocks
Made in the Shade
Sucking in the 70s
Rewind 1971-1984
Singles Collection box set
40 Licks