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Greatest Greatest Hits?

In a message dated 2/24/04 9:56:10 AM, sschrade@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< Right.  To us it just seems like greatest hits after greatest hits.
But we have to remember that new generational Who fans are appearing
every few years to gobble up current product.  These are people who
have never heard of HOOLIGANS or WHO'S BETTER, WHO'S BEST. >>

Yes, there are a ton o' Greatest Hits packages already.  I am actually mildly 
interested in what the track list for the new one will be (and I will buy it 

For some inexplicable reason, I do own Hooligans, Who's Better Who's Best, 
Ultimate Collection, etc., in addition to all of the regular releases.

Sooooo...... What is the best Hits package?  I still think it's Hooligans.  I 
love the early stuff, but to me, too many early singles on a single disc hits 
collection seem to dilute the real power of the band.  I guess I would 
recommend MBB&B and Hooligans together as a "starter kit" for The Who.  

My least favorite is probably WBWB.  Not enough choice 70's tunes and that 
AWFUL edited version of WGFA (US version, anyway).  I cringe when I think of all 
of the casual fans that I know who ONLY own this one......