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Top 20 Who songs from Kees [Björn's nextdoor neighbo ur]

Here are the votes from the Dutch jury [me, myself and I]

My Generation [from the moment I heard this song, way back in 1965, I was in
love with The Who] [my girlfriends all disappeared , but my love for The Who
I'm a man [[it just a perfect powerfull number]
the kids are alright [they really are]
a quick one while he's away [great, humor, original]
sunrise [the other site of Pete Townshend, so different]
rael [already that Tommy-feel]
pictures of Lily [it's my love for The Who's singles]
the seeker [a number , more than just a single]
See me, feel me [we're not gonna take it] [it stands just for the whole of
Heaven and hell [the power of the live shows]
Young man blues [ the power of The Who]
Naked eye [all those sweet memories]
behind blue eyes [just play it at my funeral]
Won't get fooled again [I think it's true]
the punk and the godfather [that guitar drives me crazy]
Love, reign O'er me [something like a prayer]
long live rock [it just tells what it is, powerfull, charming]
Blue red and grey [ again the other side of Pete Townshend, precious little
How many friends [I remember all my sad and lonely moments]
Who are you [best number of the last albums]

Crazy Keessie, Bjvrn's nextdoor neighbour

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Onderwerp: Jo's Top 20 Who songs

I'm One
Who Are You
Join Together
Love Reign O're Me
Punk Meets the Godfather
The Real Me
Young Man Blues
See Me/Feel Me
Pure and Easy
Getting in Tune
Won't Get Fooled Again
Slip Kid
Magic Bus
How Many Friends
Another Tricky Day
Had Enough
My Wife
Blue Red and Grey