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Re: Pino Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers

Subject: Re: 

> Don't you like Simon Phillips?? :)

Oh, I think the guy's an amazing talent.  I don't like
him with The 
He's much too clean a drummer.  Too tight, too
controlled.  A lot of
precision, but very little feel.  Better for the
studio, IMO.

I have to agree with Scott on this one.I was impressed
with Simon Phillips ( and i have one of his drumsticks
from Birmingham 89)but as Scott said, he is too
ordered and prefers stutters to manic rolls like Zak.
I think Zak is the only drummer for the Who. His style
sits well and he does remind me of Moon, and of course
there is the Keith connection. 

What about, if Zak wasn't to play, have Jody
Lindscott. She does it for me if you know what i mean.
Don't really care if she can play like Keith, she just
looks good and when she gets sweaty....

Ah, back to reality.

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