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Re: Pino on Bass

	>From: Alan McKendree  
	>Subject: Re: Pino on Bass 

	>>>I won't say my first show without John was unbearable, but it was a huge 
	>>>bummer, for lack of a better word.
	>>What the hell??
	>>Why didn't you say anything??
	>>Scott, Stu and I all felt like outcasts for even *suggesting* the Boston 1.
	>>show was a disappointment, and there you were hiding your feelings?
>Probably because that was the first show of a stretch in which I saw 8 shows (7 of them Who) in >9 days and had very little ability to get near a computer even if I'd wanted to.

No, I meant why not tell us at the time in the post-show parkinglot activities/discussions.  Then again, where the hell did you make off to after the show?  Old Keets was jumping around like the show was the greatest on earth, and here were Stu, Scott and I kind of still shell-shocked at what we just witnessed.  And, what we had witnessed wasn't good.  
It was good to hear later from Matt, that he too felt like something (other than John) was missing at Boston 1.
Confirmation is a good thing.  

>I appreciate Zak and what he does, but I look at him about 2.5% as much as I look at Pete. I 
>don't think he takes away all that much attention.

I'm the same way.  But, even a good bassist wouldn't take that much away from fans looking at Roger and Pete.  *They* are The Who.

>John and Pete still had their tensions, even into 2001. It probably is deeper than whoever-
>fills-in-stage-right, but that's one place it's expressed.

Able to expand on that?  Why the tensions?  Left over tensions?  If so, from what?  We always hear about tensions between Roger and Pete, and Roger and...., but The Ox was always quiet.  Hell, the worst thing I've ever heard Pete say about Ox was that he never contributed to band discussions.  Never said what what on his mind.

>Could well be. A different but still sobering reason the life that should be in the tour may not >be.

I'm very ambivalent about this tour, especially given the recent announcement about Pino, and Roger saying this is the last year (still not confirmed).
It's a damn far distance from where we were, and the direction we were going the day before Who-Tour 2002.
It's staggering to think about it.

Kevin in VT

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