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Re: Pino on Bass

> A bassist, like Flea, would kick some shit into the show that Pete would be
> forced, and want to respond to.  It would be great.

The thought of Flea playing with them sickens me.  First off, I hate "The Chili
Peppers."  Second, that guy's an idiot.  He'd probably play shirtless.  He'd be
hopping around.....  I don't want to see that.  I'd rather have Pino. <snicker>

And also!  Kevin!  My good friend.  Just choosing a *busy* bass player doesn't
necessarily solve the problem.  I'm afraid you've erred in your reasoning, my 
good friend Kevin.  (Is any of this making you nervous?)

For you see!  Flea (ugh....I don't even like typing his name), while being a *busy*
bass player, is still a clunky, non-fluid bass player.  He's all patterns & pops.
The Who aren't a funk band, my good friend Kevil-Doody.  Now do you see
the error of your ways?

Compared to Pino, Flea's playing would just mean *more* square blocks trying to 
be squeezed into round holes.  Good Who should be circular.  And malleable.

I'm telling you:  Mike Watt would be the ultimate choice as bassist.  For me.
That guy rumbles, improvises, is hugely expressive yet still meat-and-potatoes,
and is a Who fan to boot.  And he'd probably enjoy doing it.  But, I'd be 
willing to bet neither Pete nor Rog even know who the fuck Mike Watt is.

> That said, I can't imagine Pete sharing the stage with a youngster such as Flea.

Wait, Flea's gotta be around Zak's age.  He's not *that* young anymore!

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism