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Re: Pino on Bass

>From: "Schrade, Scott"
>Subject: Re: Pino on Bass
> Basically, no reason to look left anymore.
>Wow.  That's harsh.

Oh, come on.  It's not *that* harsh.
Many dolts wouldn't look left when *John* was there.
Hell, how many films, different footage have we seen that almost *never*
look left.

>How do you know some people don't go to the shows
>to see Pino do his chicken-head peck?

Yeah, it's the latest craze.
There'll be people showing  up in chicken-head costumes.
Oh, and then there'll be those that show up in fish-head costumes because of
Zak's fish lip expressions (first coined, I believe, by Jacqueline,
describing Zak's expression like a fish rising to the top of the tank to eat
some food.  Absolutely dead on description! )
How many times can you look over to watch chicken head bobs?
The man is stiller (?) than John ever was.
I look over to make sure the dude is still breathing.
Plus the risk of missing Pete give the finger or shakin' his ass!

>That move is right up there with
>Townshend's windmills when you think of The Who live.

Yeah, they're getting ready to print T-shirts with Pino sticking his head
Goodbye classic Pete windmill with the Rickenbocker.
Hello, chicken-head Pino.

>Townshend's wind-
>mills, Daltrey swinging the mic, Rabbit's flourishes, Zak biting his lip,

Fish lips!

(Rabbit flourishes?)

>& Pino doing his chicken-head peck.  That *is* The Who.

Now, *that's* harsh!

>From: Ollie Cat
>Subject: Re: Pino on Bass
>I have to agree with Jo on this one.

No you don't.

>Pino had guts to get up there knowing what people are thinking. Yet he
still gets up there and does what he has to do.

Nice fat pay check he's getting for his troubles.  Not to mention the
notoriety, and the lifestyle, the travel, the excitement, hangin' with Pete,
fighting with Roger, eating and drinking large, and basically just living
the life.

>Plus if Pete and Roger think and feels confortable with it well so do I. I
have faith in their choice.

Hey Scott, there's that "faith" word again.
Sounds like one of Jo and Jon's crowd!  ;-)

What, can they do no wrong (oooo, I love that thread ;-)

>As we all know there will be no one like John ever.


>So I saw give Pino a chance don't be so quick ot put him down.

I gave him a number of chances last tour.  I didn't boooo him out of the
venue or anything.

>His style is different so what.

So, it doesn't exactly fit in with the style of The Who.  It fits in better
with a more sedate band like,....ummm......ummm.....Simon and Garfunkle.

>He is Pino let him be him.

Hey, that could be the name of a song!

>But some one must step in why not Pino.

I'm not going to say "boooo" to Pino.  But, to answer your question, because
Pino is a melodic session bassist that plays in a very traditional "I'm a
bassist and I know my place" style.
There are plenty of bassist out there that, while not reaching John's
heights, are more adept to reaching out, stretching, lettin' it go, getting
a bit more lead than rhythm.

>Think if it was you up there how would you feel.

Stoned.  A bit tipsy, perhaps.  Oh, and on a completely fucking awesome high
just being on stage with The Who and looking at all those fuckers out there
cheering and having a blast.
If you think Pino is up there scared, or worried what the people in the
audience are thinking, you're mistaken, IMO.  It might cross his mind, but
he's more apt to be just having fun.  As it should be.  He was received
quite well by the crowed.  Hell, they just didn't want him to fall over.

>Oh yeah Jo he did a hell of a job in 2002 for being called up so quick.

Yep, that's twice that "being called up quick" has been mentioned.
He "filled in, in a pinch".
He "did a great job under the circumstances".

Is it too much to ask, now that there's been plenty of time to really look
around, to see if there's anyone else out there that could handle the seat
I mean, look at the improvement, even admitted by Pete, with Zak at the
skins.  A much better fit (bracing for a lashing from the Akron Senator).
In a way, by not looking (don't know that they didn't), it kind of eludes to
a lack of long-term commitment.
I say, (hypothesis) that by bringing Pino back, it really is going to be the
last year.
It doesn't exactly say to me, we're a band and we're going to work for a
while together.

>I wanted to hate him

Why would you want to do that?
It's not like *he* killed John.

>but I gave him a chance by thinking what if that was me and people felt
like that soooooo........ Go Pino! This time a will stand behind him.

Why does this have to be an emotional thing?  Why is it, "stand behind him"
and don't analyze, or else be a Who-traitor?
We should be able to look at this from a musical view, not an emotional
"he's a nice guy" view.

The rambling, sometimes smelly, opinions (like assholes, everyone's got one)
of .....

Kevin in VT