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Re: pino

I remember this kinda reaction when eric singer came back into KISS after 
peter criss left the second time. they put him in pete's makeup and costume and 
everything!  even I admit, it was appalling.  and now they have someone else 
filling in for the mighty ace frehley and peter's back in the band. apparently 
of course, all the original KISS members are still alive and can get back 
together if they want to. unfortunatly, keith and John can't with the who. 

does anyone notice that the name itself "pino palladino" is musical? say the 
name with a melody. you'll get my point. ; ) 

all i'm gonna say is that when I saw them in camden in 2000 when entwistle 
was still alive, the show was LOUD. and when I saw them in Jones beach in 2002, 
although a great show, it wasn't as loud as I remember camden being. and I 
don't think it had much to do with the fact that the camden venue had a roof, and 
the Jones beach amphitheater didn't.   I just think it was the power 
entwistle had with that axe of his. want an example? listen to their performance at 
the CFNY.