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Re: Pino on Bass

I have to agree with Jo on this one. 
Pino had guts to get up there knowing what people are thinking. Yet he still gets up there and does what he has to do. Plus if Pete and Roger think and feels confortable with it well so do I. I have faith in their choice. As we all know there will be no one like John ever. So I saw give Pino a chance don't be so quick ot put him down. His style is different so what. He is Pino let him be him. Hell I would not want to see any one but John there. But some one must step in why not Pino.
Think if it was you up there how would you feel. Oh yeah Jo he did a hell of a job in 2002 for being called up so quick. I wanted to hate him but I gave him a chance by thinking what if that was me and people felt like that soooooo........ Go Pino! This time a will stand behind him.    


--- SicilianMother@xxxxxxx wrote:
In a message dated 2/13/2004 8:17:35 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
Kevin.ONeal@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<Sleep with one eye open tonight Jo.  ;-)

I do that everynight!

For a pro session player, they play the way they will always play.
You're assuming that with more practice, he will start to incorporate more 
violent flurries, and other things that are not part of his normal playing style.
I don't believe that.
We get what we got.

All I know is what my ear (singular, ha!) tells me.  When I listened to the 
encore CD,  I was like "he sound's pretty fucking good".  Not adequate, but 
good.  Different then with Kenney Jones, who I might add, I have never bashed (oh 
shit, I can hear the archives light up now).

I was expecting to feel pain and loss when I heard Pino play with Roger and 
Pete in 2002.  Of course I miss John.  But, I didn't *feel* like "oh shit, what 
did they do by having Pino step in?".  I *felt* like, "he sounds good".

Sometimes though, when you build yourself up to be disappointed, you're 
unexpectedly and pleasantly surprised.

Scott, put the KISS trashcan down my friend and pass the J.................

Jo :)

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