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Re: Pino on Bass

	>From: SicilianMother
	>Subject: Re: Pino on Bass 
>I like Pino.  Am I in the minority?

Yes.  :-)
I don't know that many *don't* like Pino.  It's just that he's...ordinary.

>I think Pino is getting an unfair 

I think they can do much better.

>But, I think Pino is allot 
>better for the Who then Kenney was.

Thunder clouds are gathering.
Deep breaths, Scott. Deep breaths.
No, NO!  Put the keyboard down.  Take a walk around the building.
No, don't kick that!  That's your favorite Kiss trashcan!
Just step away from the computer for a spell.

>Give the poor guy a break.

I won't.  I can't!

>He stepped in a few days notice,

He stepped in what?
But, so what?  That has nothing to do with his overall playing style.

>and did an 
>incredible job.

A gross exaggeration IMO.
He did an adequate and admirable job.

>At this point, he will only do even better.

That's conjecture.
For a pro session player, they play the way they will always play.
You're assuming that with more practice, he will start to incorporate more violent flurries, and other things that are not part of his normal playing style.
I don't believe that.
We get what we got.
Basically, no reason to look left anymore.  Adequate.

>Again, I don't think 
>his style is as different from our beloved John's as Jone's was to our beloved 

Sleep with one eye open tonight Jo.  ;-)
And, is the above statement really a *good* thing????????  
Remember, that Roger hated Kenney's playing, and that Pete ultimately admitted that Kenney didn't fit with The Who.

Kevin in VT

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