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Hearing impaired

I was born deaf in my left ear, but it wasn't discovered until I was about 
4ish, because I spoke very clearly (still do)I went to visit out of state 
relatives and they kept putting the phone up to my ear to say something, and I kept 
telling the adults "I can't hear out of that side".  When I got back to 
California, they took me to a specialist, and established that a nerve in my ear 
didn't form correctly.  That was the last time a doctor has given me his opinion 
and that was 1970ish.

It hasn't been until the past 7 or 8 years, that my other ear has shown signs 
of wear.  Because that is my only *side* left, it can suck.  Don't even try 
and talk to me in a bar or loud place.  All my friends and family know if they 
want to be heard, they'd better sit on my *good* side.

Of course, it mostly works to my advantage.  I hear what I want to hear, and 
don't hear what I don't want to hear.

The only problem that I honestly can't figure out is earphones.  I need all 
speakers or tracks to come in on one side or I'm SOL.

If I want to hear my grandchildren, I will probably need some sort of 
operation or hearing aid.  I am surprised Pete doesn't rely more on hearing aids.  
Maybe that is why people think Pete (and me) can be flighty.  We just didn't 
hear your fucking question right!!!

Jo :)