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9 February 2004 
Pete to perform at Ronnie Lane tribute UPDATED 

It has been confirmed that Pete will perform at the Ronnie Lane tribute
concert to take place at the Royal Albert Hall on April 8. 

Pete said "Ronnie was one of my closest friends and allies from 1965
onwards. We were always friends from that time until his death. We often
played together at home or in hotels (something I rarely did - the main
exception was with Joe Walsh). We never quite got to write a song together,
but often came very close.

Ronnie and I always had fun, rarely argued, he teased me terribly a lot of
the time about my studious approach to rock, but there was terrific mutual
respect. Of course we shared a commitment to Meher Baba the 'Silent'
spiritual master and worked together on many 'devotional' music projects.

The tribute show at RAH is really to remind his surviving family, his fans
and the world that Ronnie was an exceptionally special man and musician. His
role in the Small Faces was deep and without him Steve Marriott and the rest
would have seemed unbalanced. He was of course a founding member of The
Faces, and that band - dedicated to joy and only joy - showed us all how to
love the music we played (but sadly, not how to survive making it!).

I'm looking forward to playing a couple of songs to remember Ronnie. I hope
the concert will raise a bit of money for his family in England who've had a
lot of bad luck lately."

It is expected that Pete will perform one or two songs at the concert which
will feature a host of stars paying tribute to Ronnie.

Proceeds from the concert will go to Ronnie's family.

Tickets go on sale on Weds Feb 11 from the RAH box office. Prices are (in
Box seat 45 
Stalls 37.50 
Front circle 32.50 
Back circle 30 
Restricted view 25 


- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism