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Sports for kids...(no who)

>From: SicilianMother@xxxxxxx
>Subject: Re: an outlet..no Who 
>Thanks Kevin, you were one of the guys I thought might lend some insight.

Damn.  I hate being predictable.
Forgot to mention that I also played organized Basketball when I was around 10 years old for the county league.  It was casual.  We practice hard, and played hard.  But, there wasn't any yelling.

>I know your son is younger.  Will you ever get him into sports and consider 
>coaching?  Just curious.....

Well, we'll have Ethan out on skis next winter (I've already placed him on kids skis and walked him around the driveway/parking area), and then on a snowboard by age 5.  Then, let him pick which he likes best (snowboard,...snowboard...snowboard...).  He'll also be heavily exposed to mountain biking.
I'm looking forward to getting a hoop in our yard, and not just for Ethan.
As far as "getting" him into sports, that will have to be his call.  If he wants to play, ya got to let him.  If he doesn't, he won't. 
But, he already kicks a ball around the house with me and the dogs.
Sports are fun!  Why not??!
Me coaching?
I value my time.  
If there was the need, I'd imagine I'd jump in.
I'm too far removed from basketball to feel qualified to coach it, but soccer I could handle.

Funny enough, one of the few words that the little tyke can say clearly is...."Ha-key".
Being a Hokey-Dad doesn't sound like much fun for me (very early weekdays, and much travel on the weekends).  
But, if it's what he wants......

Let's leave it at "we'll see".  ;-)
At this point I'm concentrating on fostering his interest in music.
Kevin in VT

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