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an outlet..no Who

>From: SicilianMother
>Subject: an outlet..no Who
>Since allot of us on this list are in our 30's

Still holding.....  Stu in MD just turned 40!  Holy old farts, Bat Man!

>and older, what do you think?
>My dad is coaching the way he was coached growing up.

I played for our church Basketball team in my young teens, and for our
Soccer team in College.
Kids of all ages, even College kids don't react well to being yelled at
(assumption that your dad is yelling *at* the kids, and not just yelling in
plays, etc).
Honesty, sharing a mission, and respect go WAY further.

But, it depends.
Your dad's "behavior", "style", ...what every you want to call it, wouldn't
be totally out of line if he were coaching a competitive Junior High or High
School team (or college, or pro's..).
But we're talking about 10 year olds.
It's about having fun at that age.
At 10 years old, I would have been thinking to myself "go fuck yourself you
maniac", and the experience would have been that much more un-fun.   :-)
Those kids want to win, but it's not going to be the end of their world if
they don't.

No offense to your dad, but it sounds like he's fulfilling his *own* dream.

Don't forget, Just my HO.
Kevin in VT