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Re: Radio London Reminds You....

My condolences on your loss, Joe.

I actually had an epiphany at eleven years old that I
should donate my body to science, during a field trip
to the Boston Museum of Science when we were in a
private room downstairs and we got to see some of the
remains of a dead man who'd done just that.  I'm 24
now and I'm still sticking with my decision.  I would 
however want a memorial service held after my passing,
even though my corpse will be elsewhere, until the two
years are up and my remains will be buried on my
orders, since I'm against cremation, which happens to
most remains of people who have done what I want to
do.  The songs I'd want played at my memorial service
are "Strawberry Fields Forever," "The Boxer," "ICSFM,"
and "The Porpoise Song" (a beautiful ethereal song by
The Monkees).  There are a lot more I'd like to be
played, but those four are my most favourite songs.

Anna U. Mormack
"When the body is confined, what broad horizons are opened to the mind and the soul!"Aleksandr Isayevitch Solzhenitsyn 

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