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Re: an outlet..

Regarding the Super Bowl halftime show, I was in TV mode, had the kids all 
squared away, snacks made, the whole thing, ready to enjoy the game, the 
commercials and the half time show.

I have totally enjoyed them in the past.   So, I watched.

 I liked Nelly and P. Diddy......can't help it.  Kid Rock was cool too.  For 
the life of me, I couldn't understand why the hell Janet Jackson was invited 
to perform.  She isn't even popular these days is she??  With all the mess her 
brother is in, she should just stay home and not risk bring more attention to 
that freaky-ass family.  But, since Justin Timberlake was with her, I felt 
obligated, in the most juvenile way, to watch. 

The two of them did not seem to have any chemistry.  The energy was so low, 
they both looked out of breath and uncomfortable.  By the time it came time for 
him to flash her boob, I had written the performance off as being a waste of 
time and apparently missed the best part!  

I vote for Roger and Pete to do the half time show next year.  Everyone 
agree!!  yeeehaaaa!!!!