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an outlet..

I would like to comment a bit on the children factor. has anyone here ever 
uttered a curse word as a young kid and didn't know it was a curse word and got 
in trouble for it? I did. I say if children can handle that type of language 
either at home or in school (which is by the way, the MECCA for dirty 
language), then I think they should be able to handle that language anywhere else. 
not too sure however on sex and violence but what about "violence" on TV in 
the early days? wasn't the three stooges and roadrunner cartoons rather violent 
for their times? what about westerns? boys loved westerns in those days, they 
didn't go around using real guns did they? unless there's something i'm not 
aware of. ok, the three stooges aren't shooting each other but it could be 
considered violent could it? face slaps, poking in the eyes, heads knocked 
sex? well, has anyone found like a "playboy" magazine that belonged to your 
brother or your father and wondered what the hell it was? (or was it just 
me?...) ; )

anyway, me ranting again. very happy with the responses this has been getting 
and everyone's patience (I understand, this isnt necessarily a WHO topic but, 
like I said in the post that started this whole thing, I needed an outlet to 
express my outrage over..well...everything)

pax um biscum.