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Re: Radio London Reminds You....

"make 'em listen to it..

"sit down, lie down, but shut up - its a rock concert, not a f$$king tea party"

Or something similar.


At 11:01 AM 2/5/04 -0500, you wrote:
Sorry to hear about your friend's death, Joe.  Sounds like he was a
standout individual.

Good Who songs to play at funerals, hmm?  I liked the ones you picked,
Joe.  Very melancholy....ish.

Funeral Who.  Morbid thread, isn't it?  Well, one could possibly re-
quest a few light-hearted numbers as well.  Perhaps some Entwistle

Or you could just blast away LIVE AT LEEDS.  I wouldn't mind the 14 1/2
minute version of "My Generation" from LAL played at my funeral.  Make
everybody sit through that.  Make 'em sit quietly & just listen.

Or you could go Joe's route & pick some songs that old fuddy-duddies
wouldn't be offended by.  True funeral Who. (?)

Some other suggestions:

The Good's Gone
The Kids Are Alright
So Sad About Us
Amazing Journey/Sparks
See Me, Feel Me
Baba O'Riley
Song Is Over
Imagine A Man
Love Is Coming Down

Mind you, *some* fuddy-duddies might get offended by a few of these songs,
but they all seem funeral-appropriate to me.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism