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Young Vic Moments

Man, I've been digging heavily on the Young Vic disc from the Deluxe
WHO'S NEXT lately.  

That "Love Ain't For Keeping" is flippin' awesome.  Moon & OX just
make me shake my head in amazement.  Listen to Moon circle around
the beat.  Listen to where he puts accents.  And those 8th-note
roundhouse rolls!  Holy mackerel!  

And listen to OX bubble & gurgle.  Who plays like that?!  And Pete,
who gives us just a smidgen of a guitar solo; just a few riffs slipped
in amongst the chords.  And Daltrey sounds so young & powerful.

I was thinking what a great opening number LAFK could've been if they
had decided to use it during the '70s.  It could've been their new
"Heaven & Hell."  I wonder why that song was abandoned so soon after-
wards, & only allowed the occasional airing.

That "Young Man Blues" is funny when Pete's guitar craps out on him,
right when the song gets going.  Made me think:  One doesn't hear much
about, say, Eric Clapton's guitar crapping out on *him.*  Nobody abuses
a guitar like Pete Townshend.  And nobody gets more out of it.  Also,
in YMB, I like when Daltrey yells, "They stepped back back back!!" to
mimic the rhythm set by Pete & Keith.

And, Lord, why was "Time Is Passing" never allowed to mature as a live
song?  It's outstanding on this CD!  When Pete comes in with those back-
ing vocals I get the shivers!  Man, that's sweet.

And I love the virginal tentativeness of "Won't Get Fooled Again." 
They're still feeling their way around the song.  It's surprising how 
well Moon had grasped the structure even at that early stage.  It had to 
have been difficult with the headphones & all that, but he does a very 
admirable job.  He still had yet to iron out the drum intro before the
scream, though.  And Townshend noodles all throughout the keyboard break.

<sigh> I just love The Who.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism