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Re: Radio London Reminds You....

Steve here - yep - my requests:

The Seeker.
Won't Get Fooled Again.


At 11:06 PM 2/4/04 -0500, you wrote:
..... To go to the church of your choice.

A good friend of mine dropped dead playing basketball
last Wednesday.

Matt was 44 years old, 6' 3" 215, muscular, in what appeared
to be in remarkable physical condition.   He also had
undetected heart disease.

Now the full sized basketball court in their backyard where
we would play once a week during the Summer is a
reminder to his wife and three children of their father.

Matt was an awesome father, husband, and friend.

At the church, there was easily 1200 people and probably
another 900 people visited the 4 hour viewing the previous

Matt's music taste was pretty mellow, and I never knew he
played guitar until his brother mentioned it during the eulogy.

The opening hymn was Morning Has Broken (Cat Stevens).
I knew in my gut that it was one of his favorite songs from
probably his favorite artist.   That knowledge brought a temporary
joyous relief from my tears and grief.

Kevin, you'll like this part.   He was dressed in his ski coat and
pants and winter slippers that he used to ware on ski weekends.
There was also a basketball in the casket with him.
There was humor along with the heavy sadness.

Anyway, I don't mean to bring you guys down, but with respect
to the music choice that Matt's wife selected for the opening hymn;
I thought I'd ask If anyone has gone on record with a loved one
with a requested sound-track to their viewing, funeral, or burial?

I've stated a few years back that I'd be happy with the
Baba Orchestral version from Lifehouse Chronicles, and
more recently I'd add Our Love Was from Sell Out.
I'd maybe add The Shout too.

Please share you set list.

Joe in Philly

PS.  If the number of people at your funeral is representative to
how young you die, then I only want my randomly assigned
room-mate from my convalescent home at my funeral.